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Discussion Question 8

(click to view the discussion material - CIVIL WAR 150: READER #1 SECESSION and UNION)

My response to question #8 found at the end of the Reader is that from the readings, those who supported and voted for secession baldly say that the reason is to perpetuate slavery.

The very first sentence of the very first entry, the Charleston Mercury had written, "The issue before the country is the extinction of slavery." Yet, to say that it was about states rights was just another way of saying the same thing. Which state right was being violated? According to the secessionists, the right of the states to manage their own internal affairs regarding slavery.

Which is not to say that the North primarily fought to end slavery, although some did, but to preserve the Union for "the government claimed no right to do more than to restrict the territorial enlargement of it (slavery)."

How would you respond to this question?


Thursday, October 3, 2013


Welcome to the first of a series of online readings of original sources from the Civil War, titled The Civil War: Told by Those Who Lived It, published by The Library of America. The first series concerns the controversies and events that led to secession and war.

I invite participants to read the words of key participants and to comment and discuss their meaning. There are a series of discussion questions provided at the end of the readings. Participants can share their thoughts by directly answering those questions or any observations they wish to make about these readings and the causes that led to the central crisis in American History.

I will be checking back frequently and periodically responding to comments. 
- J.E.